Done With Uni – For Now

I'm writing to you today with some very good news. I have finished my uni semester! All my assignments are handed in, my exams are completed, and I am free to spend time on myself. I have about six weeks off, and in this time I want to focus on self care, getting back into… Continue reading Done With Uni – For Now

I Love You And I Miss You

This post is addressed to all of my lovely readers, and any new ones that happen to pop by. It is getting to that point in the uni year when my whole life is consumed by deadlines and assignments and exams, and my brain can think of nothing else but contemporary Australian literature and the… Continue reading I Love You And I Miss You

Feeling Overwhelmed and Late Night Thoughts

As I've mentioned in my past few posts, I have a lot on my plate right now. Not only do I have this annoying cold, but I've taken on more work, am trying to work on things in my personal life, and have a huge uni assignment due on Friday. I've been trying really hard… Continue reading Feeling Overwhelmed and Late Night Thoughts

Mental Health Mondays: I’m Always Tired

When I tell my partner that I'm tired, every time his response is 'You're always tired'. No exceptions. This isn't the most supportive thing he could say to me, but he's kind of right. Most days I wake up tired, and if by some miracle I manage to have some energy in the morning, by… Continue reading Mental Health Mondays: I’m Always Tired

The Mid-Week Slump

What is it about being an army wife that lets me put off everything else in my life with the excuse that I just have to do some washing, make his lunch, plan a get together with the boys, or do a million other non-essential things for my partner? Aside from just feeling generally awful… Continue reading The Mid-Week Slump

Being a Busy Busy Bee

I know there's been a bit of a posting hiatus happening for the past few weeks, but I have just been so incredibly busy. I know this is only a new blog, and I've been trying to keep the posts coming, but as you probably know, sometimes life gets in the way. I just wanted… Continue reading Being a Busy Busy Bee

Being a Full Time Student and Full Time Army Wife

This week I have been focusing on trying to enjoy my last week of my summer break before uni starts again. On Monday I'll be starting my third year of university, and though by now I am well prepared for the heavy workload and late nights of studying, trying to balance university and my relationship… Continue reading Being a Full Time Student and Full Time Army Wife