Mental Health Mondays: I Need to Sleep

It's pretty common knowledge that sleep is essential to the human race. It gives our bodies a chance to repair, gives our minds a break, and energizes us for the next day. When it comes to how much sleep you need, every one is different. I know people who can sleep for four or five… Continue reading Mental Health Mondays: I Need to Sleep

How I Keep My Energy Up

As a Depressed Personโ„ข, I spend a lot of time being tired. Having low energy and messed up sleeping patterns are two major symptoms of depression (and lots of mental illnesses), and this is definitely something that impacts me. Being so sleepy makes my life really hard at times. I have to ration my energy… Continue reading How I Keep My Energy Up

He’s Always Asleep!: An Army Wife Struggle

As I write this post, my partner is asleep. He's only been home from work for about an hour but he's already passed out on the couch. I'm not predicting an awakening any time soon. We do have plans to go to the movies at 9, but for him that means waking up at 8:55.… Continue reading He’s Always Asleep!: An Army Wife Struggle