My Boyfriend Bought a Bonsai

I love plants so much. They are my favourite thing to go shopping for, and the first thing I like to buy when I'm feeling down. At the moment my house is full of plants. I am lucky to have lots of natural light where I'm living at the moment, so every room has greenery… Continue reading My Boyfriend Bought a Bonsai

Money Saving May: Week 4

On the whole, I think I have done a pretty good job on the challenge in the past week and a bit. I haven't eaten out anywhere, I've only shopped at the supermarket to buy food, and I haven't brought anything home that wasn't a necessity. I did make one purchase, which was a hot… Continue reading Money Saving May: Week 4

Money Saving May: Week Two

Week Two of this challenge was a pretty big fail. I started off forgetting that buying food at a market counted as eating out, and ended up spending a bunch of money on veggie lasagne and fresh juice. I also had to buy a textbook for uni, which seemed like an essential, and I also… Continue reading Money Saving May: Week Two

Money Saving May Challenge!

Welcome to May everyone! With the start of a new month rolling around, I thought it would be the perfect time to take on a little 30 day challenge for myself - and for you to read about! In the past I've taken part in Buy Nothing New November, which was a great way to… Continue reading Money Saving May Challenge!

The Paradox of Living in a Remote City

I've never lived in a city before. I spent the first nineteen years of my life living in a regional town. Then I spent six months in another regional town, but that one was twice the size of my hometown. And then I found myself in Darwin, and it was not what I expected. In… Continue reading The Paradox of Living in a Remote City