No Junk July: Final Week

In the final week of this challenge, I've been focusing on making my new healthy habits maintainable, and I've also learnt a lot about my previous eating habits that kind of went unnoticed. I've eaten out a few times this week, and I've been able to find whole food, healthy options without really having to… Continue reading No Junk July: Final Week

No Junk July: Week 2

After the semi-disaster of the first week of this challenge, I was super determined to make week two an absolute success. And I think I did a pretty good job. If I had to rate it, I'd give myself a 9.9 out of ten. There were a couple of challenges, like intense dessert cravings after… Continue reading No Junk July: Week 2

No Junk July: Week One

Despite by best intentions, this challenge started off with a major fail in the form of two Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast. I haven't been to hard on myself for this though, because I had just gotten off a red eye flight and didn't even realise it was the first of the month! The rest… Continue reading No Junk July: Week One

No Junk July Challenge!

With a new month rolling around, I thought I would take on a new monthly challenge. So this month I'm going to be taking part in No Junk July! This challenge is all about eliminating junk food from your diet and trying to eat more healthily for the month. I think I eat pretty healthy… Continue reading No Junk July Challenge!