Where Have All the Army Wives Gone?

One of the biggest stereotypes about army life - or just military life in general - is the army wife culture. We've all heard the stories about catty fights in facebook groups and spouses who overstep the mark. There's this whole big idea about how any army town is awash with army wive and that… Continue reading Where Have All the Army Wives Gone?

I Quit My Book Club

I just wanted to write this quick post today to share with you my news - I have quit my book club. Actually, I have quit both of them. If I'm being honest with myself, I stopped going to the first book club I joined because I couldn't be bothered reading two highly intellectual books… Continue reading I Quit My Book Club

Book Club Number Two

In my continuing endeavor to find myself some friends up here in Darwin, I have found myself another book club to go to. While this might seem like social (and literary) overload to some people, I consider this part of my duty as a 20 year old woman who does not want to spend the… Continue reading Book Club Number Two

Wanted: BFF

JOB DESCRIPTION: Position available for a fun-loving and positive Best Friend Forever. In this role you will be the best friend to a caring and creative 20 year old female. ALL APPLICANTS MUST: be ย between 19 and 29 years old be a kind person enjoy late night hang outs and sleep overs consider watching tv… Continue reading Wanted: BFF

The Hardest Part of Being an Army Wife

For me, the hardest part about being an army wife is how hard you have to try. You have to constantly try to be a good partner, to try and look after yourself, to try and be a good friend, to try and get used to life in a new place, to try and put… Continue reading The Hardest Part of Being an Army Wife