Am I Quitting Dairy?

Earlier this year, I did a No Junk July challenge, where I ate nothing but whole foods for an entire month (check it out here). In the past few weeks I've been reintroducing some foods into my diet, and treating myself a couple of times, and I've come to realise one thing; dairy does not… Continue reading Am I Quitting Dairy?

No Junk July: Final Week

In the final week of this challenge, I've been focusing on making my new healthy habits maintainable, and I've also learnt a lot about my previous eating habits that kind of went unnoticed. I've eaten out a few times this week, and I've been able to find whole food, healthy options without really having to… Continue reading No Junk July: Final Week

No Junk July: Week 2

After the semi-disaster of the first week of this challenge, I was super determined to make week two an absolute success. And I think I did a pretty good job. If I had to rate it, I'd give myself a 9.9 out of ten. There were a couple of challenges, like intense dessert cravings after… Continue reading No Junk July: Week 2

No Junk July: Week One

Despite by best intentions, this challenge started off with a major fail in the form of two Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast. I haven't been to hard on myself for this though, because I had just gotten off a red eye flight and didn't even realise it was the first of the month! The rest… Continue reading No Junk July: Week One

No Junk July Challenge!

With a new month rolling around, I thought I would take on a new monthly challenge. So this month I'm going to be taking part in No Junk July! This challenge is all about eliminating junk food from your diet and trying to eat more healthily for the month. I think I eat pretty healthy… Continue reading No Junk July Challenge!

How I Keep My Energy Up

As a Depressed Personโ„ข, I spend a lot of time being tired. Having low energy and messed up sleeping patterns are two major symptoms of depression (and lots of mental illnesses), and this is definitely something that impacts me. Being so sleepy makes my life really hard at times. I have to ration my energy… Continue reading How I Keep My Energy Up

Thankfulness Thursday!

The past week has been really tough for me. I've been dealing with a lot of things to do with my mental health and my life, but I think this has actually made me appreciate the things that are going well for me even more. In my journal this week I've had a few bonus… Continue reading Thankfulness Thursday!

Thankfulness Thursday!

You know the saying - another day, another dollar. So another week, another thankfulness Thursday post. Without further ado, I present to you seven highlights from my past week. ate three yummy healthy meals went to the Nightcliff Seabreeze Festival watched a movie with my boyfriend went swimming had cuddles with my cat all day… Continue reading Thankfulness Thursday!

My Day at the Darwin Taste Festival

Last weekend my partner and I went to the Territory Taste Festival in Darwin. We are always keen to do anything involving food, but I woke up with a terrible cold that day and didn't really want to go, but my partner was just so excited about it that I knew we couldn't miss out… Continue reading My Day at the Darwin Taste Festival

Thankfulness Thursday!

If you follow my blog closely, you'll notice that this post is coming to you a little bit later than usual. This has been a really hectic week, but I'm so glad I can take ten minutes out of my day to share some great things with you. So here are seven things I was… Continue reading Thankfulness Thursday!

Thankfulness Thursday!

Hey there! Welcome to another Thankfulness Thursday. In this post I am just going to share seven highlights from my past week of thankfulness journalling. Hope you enjoy! my partner and I treating ourselves to pizza for dinner was taken for a surprise visit to a new beach by my boyfriend enjoyed a pretty picnic… Continue reading Thankfulness Thursday!