I Quit My Book Club

I just wanted to write this quick post today to share with you my news - I have quit my book club. Actually, I have quit both of them. If I'm being honest with myself, I stopped going to the first book club I joined because I couldn't be bothered reading two highly intellectual books… Continue reading I Quit My Book Club

My Anti-Bucket List

I've been feeling pretty trash lately, so I thought I would take some time out to focus on positive things and share them with you. So today I'm creating an anti-bucket list, which celebrates all the things I have achieved so far instead of setting new goals for myself. I'm going to stay within things… Continue reading My Anti-Bucket List

Book Club Number Two

In my continuing endeavor to find myself some friends up here in Darwin, I have found myself another book club to go to. While this might seem like social (and literary) overload to some people, I consider this part of my duty as a 20 year old woman who does not want to spend the… Continue reading Book Club Number Two