My Boyfriend Bought a Bonsai

I love plants so much. They are my favourite thing to go shopping for, and the first thing I like to buy when I'm feeling down. At the moment my house is full of plants. I am lucky to have lots of natural light where I'm living at the moment, so every room has greenery… Continue reading My Boyfriend Bought a Bonsai

I’m Trying Really Hard

I'm trying really hard to love the location that my partner and I are currently posted at. Or at least to like it. We've been here for six months now, which is almost as long as we were at our last location, but it still feels like I haven't settled in here. I've found so… Continue reading I’m Trying Really Hard

I Quit My Book Club

I just wanted to write this quick post today to share with you my news - I have quit my book club. Actually, I have quit both of them. If I'm being honest with myself, I stopped going to the first book club I joined because I couldn't be bothered reading two highly intellectual books… Continue reading I Quit My Book Club

He’s Going Away

A huge part of being an army wife is spending time away from your partner. and last week my partner and I found out that he is going away again. He's leaving in late June and will be coming home in early August, which means we will be spending roughly six weeks apart. As with… Continue reading He’s Going Away

An Honest Review of Living in Darwin

Pro: the ocean is everywhere Before I lived in Darwin, I loved the ocean. Even though I didn't live near it, I loved the idea of the ocean. Now no matter what direction I drive in I will hit the ocean within minutes, and it is always so beautiful. Con: at night during the wet… Continue reading An Honest Review of Living in Darwin

You Are Not Entitled To My Body

An open letter to the guy who touched me without my permission at a festival on Saturday: I was just sitting down on the grass, drinking my bottle of water, when you called out to me. I turned around and you were calling me over, telling me to come sit with you. You were wearing… Continue reading You Are Not Entitled To My Body

Money Saving May: Week Two

Week Two of this challenge was a pretty big fail. I started off forgetting that buying food at a market counted as eating out, and ended up spending a bunch of money on veggie lasagne and fresh juice. I also had to buy a textbook for uni, which seemed like an essential, and I also… Continue reading Money Saving May: Week Two

My Anti-Bucket List

I've been feeling pretty trash lately, so I thought I would take some time out to focus on positive things and share them with you. So today I'm creating an anti-bucket list, which celebrates all the things I have achieved so far instead of setting new goals for myself. I'm going to stay within things… Continue reading My Anti-Bucket List

Happy Easter Tag!

1. Do you celebrate Easter? Yes I do! But in a very non-religious, chocolate-focused way. 2. What is your favorite thing about Easter? I love that my partner gets time off work, and we are able to eat more than we should and spend extra time together. 3. What are your plans for Easter this… Continue reading Happy Easter Tag!

Army Wife Lessons: Learning the Lingo

Last week my partner and I had drinks with a couple of people from his work once I had finished work for the day. It wasn't anything fancy - just a few beers in someone's backyard, but I was really grateful to just be out of the house and socializing. Before my partner and I… Continue reading Army Wife Lessons: Learning the Lingo

Mental Health Mondays: It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

Before I jump into this article, I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about the title. I started this blog to explore my life as an Australian army wife, and for me that meant exploring all aspects of my life. My mental health has always been a big part of my life, but… Continue reading Mental Health Mondays: It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

Early Autumn Tag!

Do you go out of your way to run through the autumn leaves? I absolutely do! When I was studying on campus there was this great long pathway to the carpark which was lined with trees, so in autumn it would get absolutely swamped with leaves, and it would make my day to stomp through… Continue reading Early Autumn Tag!