I’m Trying Really Hard

I'm trying really hard to love the location that my partner and I are currently posted at. Or at least to like it. We've been here for six months now, which is almost as long as we were at our last location, but it still feels like I haven't settled in here. I've found so… Continue reading I’m Trying Really Hard

He’s Going Away

A huge part of being an army wife is spending time away from your partner. and last week my partner and I found out that he is going away again. He's leaving in late June and will be coming home in early August, which means we will be spending roughly six weeks apart. As with… Continue reading He’s Going Away

An Honest Review of Living in Darwin

Pro: the ocean is everywhere Before I lived in Darwin, I loved the ocean. Even though I didn't live near it, I loved the idea of the ocean. Now no matter what direction I drive in I will hit the ocean within minutes, and it is always so beautiful. Con: at night during the wet… Continue reading An Honest Review of Living in Darwin

I Really Hate Mondays

When I woke up yesterday, I knew it was going to be one of those days. One of those days that I've written about, one of those days that set a horrible tone for the rest of your week, one of those days that feels like a hump day but isn't. Aside from the warning… Continue reading I Really Hate Mondays

A-Z of Being An Army Wife

A is for ANZAC Day, the busiest day of the year for defense members and their spouses alike. B is for Boots and tripping over them when every pair is left lying on the floor. C is for cams, the best looking of all your partner's uniforms. D is for Deployments and never knowing when one might… Continue reading A-Z of Being An Army Wife

He’s Always Asleep!: An Army Wife Struggle

As I write this post, my partner is asleep. He's only been home from work for about an hour but he's already passed out on the couch. I'm not predicting an awakening any time soon. We do have plans to go to the movies at 9, but for him that means waking up at 8:55.… Continue reading He’s Always Asleep!: An Army Wife Struggle

Storytime: Sarah and the Day From Hell

Gather round everyone, because I'd like to tell you a story about my day today. A story about the worst day ever. It all began when I woke early to go to a doctors appointment to find that what was previously a sore ear had now become swollen, incredibly painful, and seriously infected. Great stuff.… Continue reading Storytime: Sarah and the Day From Hell

Army Wife Lessons: Learning the Lingo

Last week my partner and I had drinks with a couple of people from his work once I had finished work for the day. It wasn't anything fancy - just a few beers in someone's backyard, but I was really grateful to just be out of the house and socializing. Before my partner and I… Continue reading Army Wife Lessons: Learning the Lingo

Mental Health Mondays: It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

Before I jump into this article, I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about the title. I started this blog to explore my life as an Australian army wife, and for me that meant exploring all aspects of my life. My mental health has always been a big part of my life, but… Continue reading Mental Health Mondays: It Gets Worse Before It Gets Better

What Ever Happened to Autumn?

Autumn is my favourite season. Always has been, always will be. Because of how much I love flowers and sunshine and baby animals and warm fresh air, people usually assume that Spring is where my heart lies, but as much as I have tried to change things, I get really bad hay fever and violently… Continue reading What Ever Happened to Autumn?

The Story of My First Interstate Move

My first move as an army wife was definitely my hardest. But that's mostly because I wasn't even technically an army wife then (even less technically than I am now!). My partner and I weren't de facto at that point, and we had only been together for just over six months. On top of that,… Continue reading The Story of My First Interstate Move

Tell Me Your Time Zone!

For me, one of the most unexpected results of moving from New South Wales to Queensland was the change in time zones! I was prepared for the heat, I was prepared for the mosquitoes, I was mostly prepared to deal with the extreme winds that come with living on top of a mountain. But I… Continue reading Tell Me Your Time Zone!