About Me!

I’m an Aussie Army Wife. That’s my label. That’s how people see me. I live in Australia, and my boyfriend is in the army – which means that a lot of the time my life, my time, and my energy revolves around him.

But the purpose of this blog is to explore the person behind the label. To explore my identity and show you what life looks like for this particular army wife.

On my blog you’ll find a few regular series like Mental Health Mondays and Thankfulness Thursdays, as well as lots of updates about my life and posts about what it’s like to have a partner in the army.

At the moment I’m living in Darwin, NT with my partner and our beautiful kitty Fish.

I’m trying to embrace this location and make the most of what Australia’s top end has to offer. Follow me here to join me on my complicated journey through this crazy little thing called life.

Follow me on instagram @sarahstrawberri to see pics of my life in Darwin and sneak peeks of future posts.

Thanks for reading! xx

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