Mental Health Mondays: Should I Be Drinking Coffee?

I love coffee. It is my lifeblood, my favourite snack, the best way to pass time, and a fun activity to do with friends. But there are some people who think that caffeine and mental illness doesn’t mix.

The first time I encountered this phenomenon was when I was reading the back of a pre-work out bottle, which listed all of the people who shouldn’t be drinking it; pregnant women, caffeine sensitive people, children, and people on certain medications.

And suddenly I realised, an anti-depressant is a medication. Did that mean I shouldn’t take pre-workout? What else was I not supposed to be eating?

A lot of people already have opinions on people with anxiety and coffee, and that one makes a bit of sense. Anxiety makes you worry, makes your heart race, and coffee only stimulates you even more.

But what about all those other mental illness afflicted individuals out there? I can’t say I have the answer for that. I am far from an expert on this subject. But what I can say is that the pleasure I get from my morning brew far outweighs any depressed person downsides.


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