No Junk July: Final Week

In the final week of this challenge, I’ve been focusing on making my new healthy habits maintainable, and I’ve also learnt a lot about my previous eating habits that kind of went unnoticed.

I’ve eaten out a few times this week, and I’ve been able to find whole food, healthy options without really having to look hard at all.

I’ve also been trying to vary the recipes and meals I’ve been eating to help me keep up the healthy habits I’ve developed without getting bored.

I tried to pay more attention to when and why I eat this week, and I think I’ve realised that I only eat junk foods when it’s there and it’s convenient. I haven’t really craved junk foods this past month, and when I have there has been a whole food alternative that completely satisfied me.

My only ‘slip ups’ this week were a pack of dried fruit square things (hopefully you know what I mean by this) which I ate because I was extremely hungry after work and they were just sitting on the kitchen bench, and about four McDonalds fries.

The moment I was most proud of this week was when I turned down a midnight Maccas run, and ate some avocado on toast instead. Sure, fast food would have been tasty and convenient, but making a healthier choice wasn’t that hard, saved me money, and was ultimately way better for my body.

I’m hoping that I can continue enjoying healthy foods even though this challenge is over. Ideally, choosing whole, plant based foods will become second nature to me, and I won’t even have to think about my diet too hard.

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