Mental Health Mondays: I Love My Doctor

Finding a really good doctor that you truly love who can actually help you with what you need is one of the hardest challenges of adult life. If you add in a mental illness this makes it even harder to find a healthcare provider who can really understand your needs. And if on top of that you include regular interstate moving, well, you can pretty much forget about it.

When I was in Queensland I had found the perfect GP for me, but the universe let me know that no one can be that lucky when she moved away after our third appointment. Pretty disappointing.

Up here in Darwin trying to find a good GP has been tricky. I’ve seen a few doctors who have been alright, and I’ve even found a regular doctor who I have been pretty happy with. But during our last appointment, she proved to me that she really was the doctor for me.

We were discussing my mental health (big surprise), but she was so attentive and so caring, she listened to and agreed with my issues with the specialist I saw (and even said if she knew they would be like that she wouldn’t have sent me), didn’t roll her eyes when I brought out my own ‘research’, and let me choose from medication options that I was familiar with.

When I drove to the doctor’s surgery that morning I was a nervous wreck, but in fifteen minutes my doctor managed to calm me down and give me the resources I needed to take control of my own mental health again. And that, I think, is the sign of a really great doctor.


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