No Junk July: Week 3

This week of the challenge has just flown past for me. I think by now I’ve found junk-free meals and healthy snacks that I can depend on, so it isn’t as difficult to find things to eat as it was at the start of the month.

One downside is that my diet is pretty predictable. I’m eating yummy, healthy foods, but it’s usually the same things for every meal every day. I’m trying to add some more variety by putting different fruits in my breakfast smoothie, and adding in a few new recipes for dinner.

My favourite this week was a spinach and mushroom risotto that I topped with half an avocado. It was something a little bit different from what I had been eating this month, but was still made up of whole foods which are good for me.

This week I was also visited by Aunt Flo. When this happens, it has one of two effects on my appetite. One; I am so ravenously hungry that I devour everything in sight. Or two; I am way too sick to eat. Option one would have made this challenge very difficult for me, but luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you look at things), I was gifted with option two. So although I have been eating healthy, whole foods, I haven’t been eating very much of anything at all.

As I move into the final week of the challenge I want to focus on taking steps to make this challenge a sustainable part of my lifestyle. And hopefully I can try out some new healthy recipes along the way!



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