The Strange Magic of Organising

I’ve never been a very clean person. When I was growing up my bedroom usually fluctuated between looking very messy and looking like a bomb had gone off inside it. I never wanted to get rid of anything, and hated the thought of going through my things to tidy up. Absolutely hated it. Mess just felt more natural for me.

Despite a brief window of time where I would clean my room every Friday night, my messy nature followed me when I first moved out of home. However, with each new house I moved to I became less and less messy until I came to the home and the mindset I am in now.

I can’t stand mess. It really drives me crazy. Sometimes it drives me crazy to the point where I would rather ignore it than clean it up, and I think this is where my true nature peeks through. But what I find more surprising is that instead of just cleaning when I have to, I have started actively seeking out ways to organise my home just for fun.

There is something extremely calming for me about watching endless organisational videos on youtube, and the prospect of going to buy storage solutions gets me really excited. I cannot tell you how happy I was when I finally found a tray the right size to sit the cat’s food bowls on.

Other great organiational purchases include a gold wire basket to store my records, and a magazine holder to store all the workbooks for kids I teach. Seriously exciting stuff.

I’ve also been enjoying organising without having to take a trip to the shops. Sorting out the dvd collection, colour coding books, and getting rid of old clothes makes me feel so in control of my own life.

Is it just me?

I know the minimalism movement is huge, but I still have a lot of stuff all over my house. I just like to put my stuff in a particular place.

Is there an organisational movement going on I’m not aware of?

Do you do something like this too?

Is it just a sign of becoming a real adult?

Please let me know your thoughts down below!


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