10 Things I’m Grateful For

I’ve been having a little bit of a hard time lately. Nothing huge has happened, but there are just a lot of  little things that are stressing me out and making me upset. To combat this, I wanted to make a more indepth list of things I am grateful for to help me focus on everything that is great in my life. If you like this kind of post, you might like to check out my Thankfulness Thursday series, too.

I am the pet parent to an angelic little cat. Fischer is the best cat I have ever had the pleasure of taking care of. He can be so grumpy and so introverted, but he always lets me pat him and pick him up (at least for a few seconds) and he can tell when I’m really sad, and will spend time snuggling up to me. He really is more like a family member than a pet.

I live in such a beautiful house. My wishlist for a dream house has only ever had three items on it; natural light, a nice kitchen with windows, and timber floors. The house I live in now is full of windows, has a beautiful kitchen right next to giant glass doors, and has timber-look floors through most of it. I am so grateful to be living in such a beautiful place, especially at such a young age.

I am able to grow plants inside my home. Because of all the natural light inside my house, as well as the humidity of Darwin, plants just flourish inside my home, which makes me so happy. My goal is to eventually have plants in every single room of the house, and I just love taking care of them and watching them grow.

I’m getting to know myself better every single day. This means both getting to know my body better, understanding what it is trying to tell me, and understanding who I am as a person. I feel like I know myself really well, all good and bad aspects, and am content with that.

I am surrounded by so much sunshine. Whenever I am getting tired from too much studying or am just having a bad day, I just go outside and stand in the sunshine for a few minutes. Being in the light and the warmth makes me feel so much better, and it is something that is always there if I need it.

I live near the ocean. I have always been incredibly drawn to the ocean, or just to the idea of the ocean when I didn’t live near it, but I feel such a strong connection to the sea. I love spending time near it, and just the sight and the smell bring me happiness.

I have enough money. I’m not rich or well-off by any means, but I have enough money to get by, and I know that I can pay rent and feed myself and my family without having to worry, which I’m extremely grateful for.

I am creative. Although sometimes I feel like I have no ideas and no talent for anything creative, I like to make art and I like to write and I’m drawn to anything that falls under the umbrella of creativity, and I love that about myself.

I have people who support me. Not only friends and family, but a professional support network that really understands my needs. People who have seen me at my absolute worst, but who still encourage me to move even further forward on my good days.

My body does amazing things for me every day. Even as an adult I am pushing my body to do new and challenging things, like stretching further in a yoga pose, or starting ballet classes with no previous experience. Every time I wonder if I can do something, my body says yes I can.


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