13 Reasons Why I Love My Boyfriend

I wanted to make a post about my boyfriend so that he has something nice to read while he’s away – kind of like a love letter that you all get to read – but I also wanted to let myself spend some time thinking about all the lovely parts of our relationship, so I thought a list would be the perfect way to do this.

I couldn’t decide on a number so I thought I would jump on the back of this 13 Reasons Why trend ( like I have before), and make a little list of reasons I love my boyfriend.

1.He holds my hand. This is definitely something I look for in a boyfriend. Having someone hold my hand makes me feel so loved and safe, and my boyfriend always reaches out to hold my hand without me having to ask.

2. He is always very warm. This can be a downside in Darwin’s hot weather, but it makes bed time snuggles a very cozy experience, particularly when a certain someone loves sleeping in arctic-level air conditioning.

3. He is a great pet parent. He gets along so well with our cat, and we have so much fun talking to him and playing with him together.

4. We are very good at fighting. Which means that we can get it over quickly, and we are also very good at making up.

5. We indulge each other’s fast food cravings. We are always very supportive of making bad nutritional choices, which is just what you need when you’re in a fast food mood.

6. He lets me borrow his socks. Maybe borrow isn’t the right word, but I do wear them all the time and he never gets mad.

7. He takes me on good adventures. Granted, he doesn’t really plan them much or at all, but I always have fun wherever he takes me.

8. He has the best kisses in the whole world. Possibly the universe. I don’t really know what alien kisses are like, but I would bet that his are better.

9. He is very good at taking selfies. This is very helpful when he’s away because it makes sure I don’t forget what he looks like. It also gives me something to show the cat.

10. He pushes me when I’m stubborn. When I want to back out of a doctors appointment or find a way out of something I’m nervous about, he pushes me to do it. Sure, I don’t appreciate this in the moment – but it gets the job done.

11. We have little routines together. Most importantly, getting coffee together on the weekends. On our first date we got coffee, and we’ve been doing this together ever since.

12. We always argue about the movies we watch. This is something I love for most of the drive home, but by the time we park in the driveway I’m ready for a new topic.

13. He eats the food I make for us. I know he can’t always think it is as good as he says it is, because I only ever make vegetarian food and he is a hearty omnivore, but he never complains and always says it’s good if I ask.



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