Travelling On My Own

I have always been a very nervous person. I was born a worrier, and that has only gotten worse with age. Everyone in my family is a professional worrier.

There are a lot of things that stress me out, but one thing that strikes fear into my heart the most is doing new things. Specifically, going new places.

For some people travel is anxiety inducing enough on its own, but for me it’s the feeling of being unsure and doing things in new places that I’m unfamiliar with that really freaks me out.

Whenever I’ve had to travel before I’ve always had someone with me, or at least been able to call someone who had been to that place before and question them about the difference between a gate and a terminal and to complain about all the strange shops inside the airport.

But this past week, I had to travel on my own. No help and no guidance, just fumbling around on my own trying to work out where to go and what to do (although I did frantically text my boyfriend about ten million times).

I was so nervous that it felt like I might die, even though I knew that realistically it could only go so badly. That’s the thing about worry – it doesn’t listen to reason.

But I got myself to the airport, after feeling a bit lost I found the check in thing and dropped off my bag, and I didn’t set off the metal detectors. I even had to take a connecting flight without any help!

But despite all my stressing and all my worry – I made it. Like I say about most things I do, I didn’t go it very calmly or very gracefully, but I got it done. Turns out that my ability to read signs is very helpful when trying to navigate international airports.

This might not seem like a big deal to some people, but for a girl who grew up in a country town and had never even flown until she was 19, being able to read flight timetables and find my way around on my own is a big deal!

I do wish that I had someone with me so I wasn’t all by myself and had someone to sleep on during while I’m on the plane, but even flying solo I feel confident that I am going to cruise through my return flight.



6 thoughts on “Travelling On My Own”

  1. Ergh I feel you with that one. I always struggled even driving to my boyfriends house (he lives just over an hour away) because I am so nervous on my own. I couldn’t even imagine going on a plane where I don’t have anybody to speak to people for me πŸ˜‚. Glad you’re all well and safe though x


    1. Driving is so stressful! It took me forever to learn because I was just petrified. I still have to travel back home next week so fingers crossed all goes smoothly!


  2. A friend once told me, “I know my fears do not make logical sense, but I can’t help the way I feel.” Feelings are feelings and even when out brain tells us something, feelings ten to override it and get the last word.


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