No Junk July Challenge!

With a new month rolling around, I thought I would take on a new monthly challenge. So this month I’m going to be taking part in No Junk July!

This challenge is all about eliminating junk food from your diet and trying to eat more healthily for the month.

I think I eat pretty healthy at the moment, I mostly eat plant based foods and things that I consider healthy that make my body feel good, but you will definitely find some two minute noodles and cinnamon scrolls sneaking in there.

I thought that this challenge would be the perfect way to give my body a break from the not-so-good things I put in it, and to test out some new healthy snacks that I can include in my every day diet once the month is over!

The rules for this challenge are pretty simple – don’t eat any junk – but you’re left to decide what you define as junk on your own.

For me I won’t be eating: processed foods that come in a packet like chips, lollies, cookies, chocolate etc., baked goods made by a shop (in other words, I can make myself muffins but I can’t buy muffins and eat them), anything deep fried.

I am going to allow myself: dark chocolate (I couldn’t make it a month without some kind of sweet treat), to eat out if it is a healthy meal (so no pizzas, but veggie burgers are okay), I can also buy food in a packet if it is healthy – like protein balls, soup, etc., and I am going to keep eating string cheeses (I know they are a kid food but I am in love).

Ideally my diet for this month will mostly consist of fresh produce, some carbs, and probably a whole lot of soy milk.

If everything goes to plan this will also cut down on the waste that I produce. No packaging = no rubbish.

I’m kind of excited but also kind of nervous for this challenge. I’ll just have to stock up on healthy meal options for when I don’t feel like cooking!

As always, I will keep you updated along the way – so look out for my next post!

If you are completing this challenge with me make sure to leave a comment below and let me know how your first day is going! 


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