Spending Six Weeks Solo

Today I got up at four a.m. and drove my boyfriend to the army base. I was in a very grumpy mood, not only because I was up before any sane person should be, but because I was leaving him there so he could go on an exercise for six weeks.

That’s army life for you.

We said a quick farewell. Goodbye. I love you. See you in six weeks. He told me to be brave and look after the cat.

I only cried once on the way home, which is a personal best for me compared to the past week.

And then I was home. By myself. And I knew it was going to stay that way for six whole weeks. Just me and the cat, trying to live a normal life together.

Being apart from the person I love the most is so hard, but I am going to try and use this blog as a way to channel all the emotions I experience when he is gone.

This means you can expect lots of posts about being alone, but also quite a few open love letters.

It’s only day one, so it’s hard to know how I’ll feel in a week or a month, but as always I promise to keep you updated.


If you have any tips on dealing with being away from your partner, or any requests for blog posts, just go ahead and leave them down below. 




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