Where Have All the Army Wives Gone?

One of the biggest stereotypes about army life – or just military life in general – is the army wife culture.

We’ve all heard the stories about catty fights in facebook groups and spouses who overstep the mark.

There’s this whole big idea about how any army town is awash with army wive and that it will be so easy to connect with them and make friends in any location.

Before I made my first move to live with my boyfriend, friends and family kept telling me that I would be fine because I would have loads of army wife friends.

But that just hasn’t been the case for me.

I don’t think I’ve even met another army wife! Sure I’ve heard about them, and my boyfriend talks about the wives and girlfriends of people at work, but I’ve never seen them. I’ve never spoken to them.

To me this whole army wife club just seems like a giant myth.

I think part of the trouble is that my partner and I are so young compared to other army couples. Everyone else is married with three kids, and we don’t really fit in there.

There are so many playgroups and mum’s clubs, but I’m kind of lost over here on my own.

With how much this army wife culture was talked about, I was expected that it would be so easy to find other army wives who are my age, but I’m really starting to doubt that they’re out there.

I think I’m kind of at an inbetween stage in the army wife hierarchy, because I’m not just a girlfriend – I’m a spouse, but I’m also not a wife or a mother.

If there are any other young army spouses out there send me a message! We can contemplate our army wife club isolation together.


4 thoughts on “Where Have All the Army Wives Gone?”

  1. This is 100% my life, haha. I’ve been married for two years and we’re at our third station and I haven’t met not one army wife. Well, technically my husband and I hung out with one of his friends and I met his wife, but it was once for maybe 2 hours. I even tried my desperation at an army wives friends facebook page and it’s apparently rare to be 27 without 3 kids or multiple dogs. I’m doomed for eternity I think, haha.


    1. Oh those facebook groups are the worst! I joined one but literally all the activities are playgroups and mum’s clubs! I guess I could take my cat in a stroller?


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