My 5 Favourite Youtubers


Kathleen Lights got me through the move to Darwin. I used to spend hours lying in the air conditioning watching her videos. Her channel is all about beauty and makeup, but the biggest selling point is her personality. Watching an endless stream of her videos made me want to try new make up looks, and gave me the confidence to try new products. I still watch every video she puts up, and will continue to do so for a very long time.


This channel is all about organisation and intentional living. I love that Michelle is just an Aussie girl living on the coast, but her videos look so put together and professional. She has so many great tips for motivation, goal setting, and productivity, as well as  a great series on minimalism that I love watching for tips on how to organise my house! Her videos just make me feel so calm.

Lucy Moon

I think the main reason I love Lucy Moon’s channel is because her accent is so calming to me. She’s also always got a cup of tea in her videos, which reminds me to go grab one for myself! She covers a lot of different topics on her channel, including self care, music, and lifestyle which is definitely a mixed bag, but I’m sure there is something on her channel for everyone.


This channel was originally started for Megan to talk about plus size fashion, but the reason I love it is because the relationship between Guy and Meg is so hilarious. The fashion videos are great, but the vlogs and challenges that they both feature in are the best part of the channel. It is so easy to see that they are in love, but they annoy each other so much at the same time. They never fail to make me laugh, which is a very impressive complement coming from me.


This is another channel about minimalism and intentional living that I love, but Aileen also includes lots of videos about creativity and the artistic process. Her videos include a mix of information and exercises you can do to improve your life and your mindset. She is one of the happiest and most positive people on the internet, and is definitely worth a watch.


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