My Boyfriend Bought a Bonsai

I love plants so much. They are my favourite thing to go shopping for, and the first thing I like to buy when I’m feeling down.

At the moment my house is full of plants. I am lucky to have lots of natural light where I’m living at the moment, so every room has greenery of some kind.

But despite my love for decorating our entire house with leafy greens, my boyfriend tends to think that this is a bit dramatic.

All that began to change yesterday.

I was at Bunnings doing some plant shopping to cheer myself up, and once I had loaded up my trolley I went looking for my boyfriend, but instead of being inside looking at barbeques or (more commonly) sitting on the outdoor furniture watching videos on his phone, he was standing in front of a display on bonsai trees.

I thought that he was just passing time, but he seemed like he was really interested!

I sensed my opportunity to bring him over to my side of seeing things, so I abandoned my search for a snake plant and helped him to google the different between different kinds of maples and to debate which tree needed the most sunlight.

We ended up bringing home a Chinese Elm and we planted it together in a pretty blue pot. I’ve honestly never seen him so invested in a plant and its welfare.

My boyfriend hasn’t given the bonsai a name yet, despite my pestering, but hopefully within the next few days he caves so I will be able to give you all an update.

I’m pretty excited by this new addition to our plant family, but more importantly I’m hoping that this will be a gateway plant and my boyfriend can join me in my leafy green addiction, and that one day soon our home will begin to resemble our own little forest.



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