Done With Uni – For Now

I’m writing to you today with some very good news. I have finished my uni semester!

All my assignments are handed in, my exams are completed, and I am free to spend time on myself.

I have about six weeks off, and in this time I want to focus on self care, getting back into a good routine, and creating lots of great content for the blog.

You can be assured that these next six weeks will bring some awesome posts for you to read – even though uni is over the stresses in my home life are taking it up a notch. But all will be revealed in time!

For the moment I am giving myself the weekend to sleep in, go shopping, read magazines, and just do all of the things I haven’t had time for in the past few weeks.

I hope that you can all celebrate this victory over a really difficult semester with me – maybe do your own self care/treat yo’ self activity over the weekend!

I really appreciate all of my readers, especially when most of my content over the past week has been me complaining, but I promise some more diverse and upbeat posts are coming your way soon!


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