Who Am I Tag!

I found this really neat tag here, which I thought would be a really fun way for you all to get to know me even better! Basically, I’m going to fill out a bunch of online personality quizzes and then share the results and my opinion on whether they fit me or not. I hope you enjoy!

Meaning of My Name
Sarah means princess. I’ve never thought of myself as much as a princess, except when I played dress ups as a kid, but I love my name and its meaning.

Meyer-Briggs Personality Type
INFJ and proud of it!
– creative I try to be creative in all aspects of my life, and love doing anything artistic!
-insightful I like this attribute. I think I can see it in my thoughtfulness for both other people and topics.
-inspiring and convincing I don’t think this is one I can measure myself, but I would love it if other people saw me this way.
-decisive I’ve never really thought of myself as decisive. I think I prefer the think and ponder about things.
-determined and passionate I think a synonym for this is stubborn, but its definitely accurate.
-altruistic I wasn’t sure about this one, but the quiz says that I use my strongly held beliefs to change the world for the better, which is something that feels very accurate

-sensitive absolutely yes. The smallest thing can get me so upset so easily.
-extremely private I definitely like to keep details of my life to myself. I tend to be especially private when it comes to my emotions and my struggles, but I’m trying to work on that.
-perfectionistic Oh boy, does this one hit close to home.
-need to have a cause I’m not sure about this one. I always tend to have a few projects on the go, but I don’t know about causes.
-can burn out easily I definitely burn out easily. The amount of breaks I have to take is crazy, and I get tired so often.

My Zodiac Sign
Sagittarius – I love being a sagittarius! Thoughtful, adventurous, truth seeking and curious. The more I get to know myself, the more this feels like exactly who I am.

My Hogwarts House
Ravenclaw – always have been, always will be. I feel like I am the Luna Lovegood kind of Ravenclaw, which I really love.

My Learning Style

  • Visual 2
  • Aural 3
  • Read/Write 11
  • Kinesthetic 1

I definitely saw this one coming. Reading anything from books to essays to instruction manuals helps me learn best.

Left or Right Brain Dominant
Right Brain Dominant – intuitive, thoughtful, and subjective
This quiz also mentioned creativity being attached to being right brain dominant, and being creative and emotional is me to a tee.

What Career Am I Meant to Have?
Writer –  I get this answer on most career quizzes I take, which makes sense because writing is what I spend most of my time doing, and what I’ve wanted to do since I was little!

What Does My Birth Order Say About Me?
This is kind of a complicated question for me because my mum had another baby before I was born but she passed away before I came along. So technically I have an older sister but I didn’t grow up with one.  The traits of an eldest child are natural leader, ambitious, responsible, and although I think I am very responsible and relatively ambitious but not so much of a leader, but the middle child traits of being a peacekeeper also suit me but I am definitely not the typical middle-child social butterfly!


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