Mental Health Monday: Coming Off Anti- Depressants Again

I’ve written about my experience with coming off anti-depressants before, but seeing as this is my second time switching meds within a year I thought I would create another post to share my experience this time round and see if anything is different.

DAY 1 & 2

My biggest feeling during these two days was relief. I was so glad that I was getting off my old meds, and aside from still feeling depressed – which was the whole reason I needed to switch anti-depressants – I felt okay.

DAY 3 & 4

My first clue that side effects were beginning to hit me came when I was sitting on my couch bawling over how much I love my cat. And then how much I love my boyfriend. And then how much I love Gilmore Girls. This is more commonly known as tearfulness, which is something I am well acquainted with.

I also found myself feeling really sensitive to dairy, which completely ruined the run of my weekend iced coffee. I’ve been avoiding dairy every since, but hopefully my tummy will be back to normal soon.

DAY 5 & 6

The biggest effect I noticed on these days was a change in my mood. Day five had me snapping at my boyfriend and just angry at the whole world, while on day six I felt like a tired, emotionless robot – or a space cadet, as my friends like to call it.


This was by far the worst day. In the morning my mood was extremely low, which I described to my partner as wanting to lay face down in the pool. I still felt like trash in the afternoon when I was joined by dizziness and brain zaps. Such a fun time.

DAY 8 & 9

Apart from the low, constant headache that had taken up residence inside my head, these days were not so bad. However because I didn’t feel so bad this was when I had my token breakdown about not wanting to be on anti-depressants, featuring begging my boyfriend to not make me take them anymore.

DAY 10

The last day of weaning off my old meds before I start my new ones. Tearfulness came back to give me a hearty goodbye and smudge my mascara, but otherwise I was not feeling too bad.


Compared to my past experience with coming off anti-depressants, this was not as bad. I think a big part of this was because I was only on a low dose, so the process took ten days instead of a month. I definitely had a few bad days, but for the most part I think I did okay.


If you have any thoughts about this post please let me know in the comments below! Have you had any experiences coming off a medication? What was it like for you? 


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