An Honest Review of Living in Darwin

Pro: the ocean is everywhere

Before I lived in Darwin, I loved the ocean. Even though I didn’t live near it, I loved the idea of the ocean. Now no matter what direction I drive in I will hit the ocean within minutes, and it is always so beautiful.

Con: at night during the wet season it stinks

I think this has something to do with the humidity, but at night during the wet season the air smells like butts. Or like butts inside dirty nappies. I cannot explain how bad it is, but even if you close your windows and light some candles your house will still smell like butts until the sun rises.

Pro: there is always something to do

Granted, it is usually the same thing over and over again, but at least there are options. A million markets, hand feeding fish at high tide, or some more markets. A little repetitive but lots of fun.

Con: cyclones and storms

During the wet season it rains every single day. Or should I say it storms every day. It storms so hard you can’t drive or go outside. And every so often you get to enjoy a cyclone that makes you feel like your house will get blown down.

Pro: movie tickets are cheap 

Maybe this is partly because I have a movie rewards card, but I can get ten dollar movie tickets up here. Major score. Plus there are loads of cool movie festivals happening all the time.

Con: no one uses their indicator

I don’t know what is wrong with people. Just because you are in a turning lane doesn’t mean you are excused from using your blinker. Roundabouts are also made extremely difficult because of this behaviour.

Pro: everyone else is new too

The most seasoned Darwin resident I’ve met lived here for nine years, but most people I talk to have only been here for a few. Darwin is a place where no one seems to stay for too long, so there will be lots of new people just like you.

Con: everything is really expensive

And I mean everything. Electricity is a nightmare, petrol is unbelievable, grocery prices are hiked, and even buying a juice will cost you a little bit more than it would have down south.

Pro: it’s a city, but not quite

I’ve written about this before, and although this can be seen as a con, Darwin is great for someone like me who has never lived in a big city before. It’s a good transition between a town and a huge metropolitan area.

Con: it’s hot as hell

Or as I like to say, it’s as hot as the devil’s buttcrack. Whether it’s the hot and sticky wet season or blinding sun dry season, it’s always uncomfortably hot.


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