Money Saving May: Week Two

Week Two of this challenge was a pretty big fail.

I started off forgetting that buying food at a market counted as eating out, and ended up spending a bunch of money on veggie lasagne and fresh juice.

I also had to buy a textbook for uni, which seemed like an essential, and I also needed a book for my book club. I did try really hard to find this in a library or borrow it from someone but in the end I just had to buy it.

After that, it all kind of went downhill. A makeup site I love had free shipping, I bought a chew toy for a dog that moved in next door, I bought a pot for a plant, and I bought some new clothes.

Although those clothes I bought were second-hand, they weren’t necessities, so I’m not sure where that sits in terms of the rules of the challenge.

In summary, week two was a massive fail, but I am going to try my hardest to get back on track and stick to no-spending unless is it absolutely necessary for the rest of May.



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