I Love You And I Miss You

This post is addressed to all of my lovely readers, and any new ones that happen to pop by.

It is getting to that point in the uni year when my whole life is consumed by deadlines and assignments and exams, and my brain can think of nothing else but contemporary Australian literature and the role of literary theory in dismantling the concept of an author.

I know, fun stuff.

The bad news is that this means all of my time and energy is going into uni work, and the blog is falling by the wayside.

Luckily I foresaw this and loaded up my blog with scheduled posts so I will still be publishing content at least twice a week.

I’ll also be popping in and out to keep you updated on how I’m handling all this stress, and of course to chat to you in the comments!

Ideally you won’t notice too much of an absence from the blog, but I thought that I would pen this post as just a little heads up – and also to give you something quick to read today!

Thanks so much for sticking around, I love each and every person who reads my blog! And if you’re new, don’t forget to follow me so you can stay updated on all my posting goodness!


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