I Really Hate Mondays

When I woke up yesterday, I knew it was going to be one of those days. One of those days that I’ve written about, one of those days that set a horrible tone for the rest of your week, one of those days that feels like a hump day but isn’t.

Aside from the warning sign of me sleeping through most of the day, I felt overwhelmed with just the thought of getting out of bed, because that would mean that I would have to start doing the huge list of things I needed to do.

To combat this I stayed in bed until half an hour before I started work, which at least meant I was well rested, but I so badly wanted to be anywhere but there.

I feel like I’m being overwhelmed by how continuous my life is, and how even if I do a good job today I will have to face a whole bunch of challenges tomorrow.

This slump also has me feeling uninspired about my blog. I took a day off to focus on it last Friday but barely got any work done (although December posts are all planned out). I wanted to write some content for you guys, but when I sat down to look at my drafts and choose a topic to write about I didn’t feel attracted to any of them. All those topics that I am usually so passionate about and have so much to say about just felt so flat.

So I decided to just write a little update instead, letting you know how I’m feeling and where I’m at with the blog. I feel like I’m depriving you a little bit because this is more like a diary entry than a blog post for me, but maybe some of you will be able to relate.

I really want my blog to be a positive space, but more than anything I want to be honest, because as much as trying to focus on good things and embracing happiness is important, sometimes things really do just suck, and I hope that you appreciate being able to see both sides of me and my blog.



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