Money Saving May: Week One

It’s been less than a week of this money saving challenge, and I’m already noticing all the small habits I have that contribute to spending little amounts of money that ultimately add up.

Every time I’ve been scrolling through facebook I have to pull myself away from clicking on buzzfeeds new article about 23 unicorn inspired things I need, or 35 products under $5 I can’t live without.

I never buy anything from these articles, but boy do I love to browse.

I’ve also noticed how many trips my partner and I make to the grocery store. When I’m not spending my money on anything else, all this food we buy seems excessive.

I’ve also had my first slip up. It was only a few days in and I ran into the supermarket ten minutes before it closed and before I could think about it I was at the checkout with a brand new vegetable peeler in my hand.

I spent the rest of the night thinking about this purchase, and even though I felt bad for breaking my spending fast, I could not think of a way around it. I mean I couldn’t just peel all my vegetables with my hands for a month.

Anyway, it was only two dollars, and I did buy it from the supermarket, so I’m not too hard on myself. Plus it’s not like they sell second hand vegetable peelers.

If you’re doing this challenge along with me let me know how you’re going down below!


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