A-Z of Being An Army Wife

A is for ANZAC Day, the busiest day of the year for defense members and their spouses alike.

B is for Boots and tripping over them when every pair is left lying on the floor.

C is for cams, the best looking of all your partner’s uniforms.

D is for Deployments and never knowing when one might happen.

E is for Eating Alone and spending most of your time by yourself.

F is for Friends and the constant search for new people to hang out with in a new place.

G is for Goodbyes and having to spend long stretches of time away from your spouse.

H is for Hats and having to find a place to store all of your partner’s hats for every occasion.

I is for Ironing, whether you or your partner does it, ironing army uniforms never ends.

J is for Jargon and having to hear your partner constantly talking through abbreviations and technical terms you don’t know.

K is for Kids and the expectation that all army wives are just wives and mothers.

L is for Lunches and all the snacks you make your partner so they don’t have to eat mess food.

M is for Moving and spending weeks of your life just packing and unpacking new houses.

N is for Name, and getting used to your partner having completely different names for work and home life.

O is for Other Army Wives and trying to understand the community.

P is for Postings, aka your surprise new home town.

Q is for Q-Store the source of all the good army merch.

R is for Rat Packs that your partner bring home, containing some surprisingly good snacks.

S is for Stereotypes and having people think you rely upon your partner for everything.

T is for Talking and trying to make the most of the time you have together.

U is for Uniforms, including the endless piles of washing that build up when they get dirty.

V is for Vacation and being able to have paid travel once a year.

W is for Working, and working, and working some more.

X is for X-Rays, Dental, and Medical Tests and all the other boxes your partner has to tick to be deployable.

Y is for Year, a period of time that just goes so slowly.

Z is for Zzzzzzz and all the naps your defense spouse has to take.


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