My Day at the Darwin Taste Festival

Last weekend my partner and I went to the Territory Taste Festival in Darwin. We are always keen to do anything involving food, but I woke up with a terrible cold that day and didn’t really want to go, but my partner was just so excited about it that I knew we couldn’t miss out so I downed a couple of panadol and we headed out.

When we got there I was so glad that I hadn’t stayed home. I was expecting a few stalls set up on an oval or a big carpark, but it was actually in Darwin’s big convention centre – with some lovely air conditioning.

Snapseed (8).jpg

Everything inside was so beautiful. Tickets to get in were $30 each, which seemed a bit steep to us, but that did include two free drinks each so it wasn’t so bad.

All of the stalls there were so beautiful, and there were lots of live cooking demonstrations and competitions to watch.

We started off our taste journey at Sailor’s Brew (after my boyfriend had downed a free beer) and we tasted so many amazing variations on iced coffee before settling on a dark chocolate mocha for him and an iced tea for me.

Snapseed (7)

I honestly think if we had a lot more money and didn’t have to drive home afterwards we could have spent all day at the taste festival. There were so many options, and even a cocktail bar built into one corner of the convention centre.

Snapseed (9)

After munching on a few sweet treats like bliss balls from Petra’s Raw Cakes and macarons from The Chantilly Kitchen we tried some chocolate from The Bumble Bean Cafe which was absolutely mind blowing. We loved it so much we bought a block to take home, which featured a chocolate turtle on top!

Snapseed (6)

Once we had completely fulfilled my dessert first philosophy we headed outside where there was an abundance of savoury foods and craft breweries. I tried a few beers, and my boyfriend tried more than a few, and then we went looking for some late lunch.

Snapseed (5)

Being a vegetarian kind of hindered me in this respect, and having a sore throat didn’t really make any solid food seem that appealing, but when I came across these honey puffs from Fofi’s Greek Kitchen it was fate. Warm, sweet, soft, and yes technically another dessert, they were everything I never knew I wanted.

My boyfriend had a curry for lunch, but he ate it before I could grab a picture for you. So this one’s on him.

After all that food I grabbed one of my complimentary drinks and we headed home for a much needed nap.


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