13 Reasons Why I’m Happy!

When I saw this post inviting me to write my own post about thirteen things that make me happy, I knew immediately I had to do it.

I love creating my Thankful Thursday posts, but I will take any excuse to bring a little more positivity into my life, no matter what day of the week it is.

So here you are, thirteen reasons why I’m happy – don’t forget to post your own thirteen reasons on your blog!

  1. Netflix allows me to watch Gilmore Girls as many times as I want on repeat with no judgement, and no price hike. I am definitely getting my money’s worth.
  2. That I yet again am looking after a cat that I didn’t ask for, and yet again have been rewarded with the sweetest little angel of a feline. Fish is just the most fluffy, most calm cat ever, and he is great company when my partner is away.
  3. Something else that makes me happy is when my partner pushes me to try new things – even though I can be really stubborn when I get nervous or scared, he really annoys me until I finally do it, and then I am so proud of myself for trying something new.
  4. Speaking of something new, my ballet class makes me happy. I am so glad that I worked up the guts to start something new as an adult and really stick to it, even though I’m not very good.
  5. My beautiful house. There is a pretty common (and justified) belief that defence houses are kinda trash, but somehow my partner and I scored a brand new, beautiful house that fulfilled both my house goals – loads of natural light and timber floors.
  6. Speaking of natural light, I am so grateful for all of my plants. Being able to bring plants inside just makes me so happy, and seeing them all grow and sprout new leaves brings me so much joy.
  7. Lipstick. All shades, all colours, all brands. Just lipstick.
  8. The ocean makes me so happy. I’ve lived inland for 20 years of my life, but a few months by the beach have changed me so much. I’m pretty sure I’m part mermaid now.
  9. Watching sunsets, especially up here in Darwin where the sky becomes a pastel rainbow at dusk every day.
  10. Jay’s Coffee Bar. Not only does he have the best coffee in Darwin, but he is the sweetest, kindest, best human on the planet. Visiting his coffee truck is always the highlight of my weekend.
  11. Being able to do what I love for a job. I’ve always wanted to write, but being able to write and tutor and actually live on that still amazes me.
  12. Having friends and family that make it so easy to pick up where we left off after time apart. When I do get to see them, it’s like I never left at all.
  13. Days off. Telling my alarm to leave me alone and just spending a day doing whatever I want makes a whole week of work and study worth it.

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