Mental Health Monday: My Support Network

Living in three houses in three states in under a year has wreaked havoc on my support network.

The first thing they teach you in mental well being school is to establish a good support network and as for their help when you need it.

This is a lot easier said than done, but if you’re living with your parents and still friends with people from high school and have an understanding partner, then you have a ready made support network just waiting there for you.

It’s a lot harder when you’ve moved away from everyone you know, and have had to constantly switch doctors and psychologists, and have ended up in the north of Australia with no friends, no family, and only your partner to depend on.

The one thing that my psychologist tells me every time I see her is that I need to expand my support network.

But it’s just not that easy.

Aside from just generally making friends being difficult, you can’t make someone you just met part of your support network. You need people that you’ve known for a long time, people you can trust, people who know your secrets.

And it just isn’t possible to make those kinds of connections when I’ve only been living in Darwin for five months.

It definitely is hard having a support network consisting of my boyfriend and the cat, but it is such a struggle to actively be searching for other people I can depend on.

I think for now I will have to make do with my support network, and maybe the cat and I will learn to communicate better about my mental health with some cat-chats.

If you have any suggestions for how to expand a support network, or have had similar struggles, let me know in the comments below!


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