Final Thoughts on Money Saving May

As May comes to an end, I wanted to give you a final post about the experience, and summing up how it went for me. If you haven't already, you can check out my other posts about Money Saving May here, here, here and here. I would split my experience with this challenge into three… Continue reading Final Thoughts on Money Saving May

He’s Going Away

A huge part of being an army wife is spending time away from your partner. and last week my partner and I found out that he is going away again. He's leaving in late June and will be coming home in early August, which means we will be spending roughly six weeks apart. As with… Continue reading He’s Going Away

Mental Health Monday: Coming Off Anti- Depressants Again

I've written about my experience with coming off anti-depressants before, but seeing as this is my second time switching meds within a year I thought I would create another post to share my experience this time round and see if anything is different. DAY 1 & 2 My biggest feeling during these two days was… Continue reading Mental Health Monday: Coming Off Anti- Depressants Again

Money Saving May: Week 4

On the whole, I think I have done a pretty good job on the challenge in the past week and a bit. I haven't eaten out anywhere, I've only shopped at the supermarket to buy food, and I haven't brought anything home that wasn't a necessity. I did make one purchase, which was a hot… Continue reading Money Saving May: Week 4

An Honest Review of Living in Darwin

Pro: the ocean is everywhere Before I lived in Darwin, I loved the ocean. Even though I didn't live near it, I loved the idea of the ocean. Now no matter what direction I drive in I will hit the ocean within minutes, and it is always so beautiful. Con: at night during the wet… Continue reading An Honest Review of Living in Darwin

Thankfulness Thursday!

I've been really sick this past week, a combined effect of changing meds, catching a cold, and it being that time of the month. Because of this I've spent a lot of time at home, doing a whole lot of nothing, and feeling pretty sorry for myself. As a result of this, I spent more… Continue reading Thankfulness Thursday!

You Are Not Entitled To My Body

An open letter to the guy who touched me without my permission at a festival on Saturday: I was just sitting down on the grass, drinking my bottle of water, when you called out to me. I turned around and you were calling me over, telling me to come sit with you. You were wearing… Continue reading You Are Not Entitled To My Body

Mental Health Mondays: Changing My Medication

Since my lovely open letter to my anti-depressants, a lot has changed with my mental health. The biggest thing was a drop in my mood and a rise in my symptoms, but I also experienced a really bad side effect. When I took all of this information to my doctor we decided to change my… Continue reading Mental Health Mondays: Changing My Medication

Fall Favourites Tag!

Hello everyone! Today I just have a quick tag post for you to celebrate the end of autumn (even if there wasn't much of a traditional autumn in Darwin). Hope you enjoy! Favorite Candle A candle that I have been absolutely loving is Berlin by Peppermint Grove. I think it smells just like my partner,… Continue reading Fall Favourites Tag!

Thankfulness Thursday!

The past week has been really tough for me. I've been dealing with a lot of things to do with my mental health and my life, but I think this has actually made me appreciate the things that are going well for me even more. In my journal this week I've had a few bonus… Continue reading Thankfulness Thursday!

Money Saving May: Week Two

Week Two of this challenge was a pretty big fail. I started off forgetting that buying food at a market counted as eating out, and ended up spending a bunch of money on veggie lasagne and fresh juice. I also had to buy a textbook for uni, which seemed like an essential, and I also… Continue reading Money Saving May: Week Two

I Love You And I Miss You

This post is addressed to all of my lovely readers, and any new ones that happen to pop by. It is getting to that point in the uni year when my whole life is consumed by deadlines and assignments and exams, and my brain can think of nothing else but contemporary Australian literature and the… Continue reading I Love You And I Miss You