He’s Always Asleep!: An Army Wife Struggle

As I write this post, my partner is asleep.

He’s only been home from work for about an hour but he’s already passed out on the couch. I’m not predicting an awakening any time soon.

We do have plans to go to the movies at 9, but for him that means waking up at 8:55.

Yesterday was pretty much the same, but he fell asleep earlier and slept on the couch until ten, then went upstairs, got his work stuff ready, and went back to sleep.

It’s been like this all week. Frankly, it’s like this most weeks.

I understand being tired, I really do. But it feels like my partner’s whole life consists of work, video games, and sleep. It’s hard to see where I fit in and it’s hard to feel like I’m important.

It sucks when I spend all day by myself, studying, working, doing things around the house, and then when I’m ready to hang out with someone else the only person I know up here is asleep.

And the worst part is there’s nothing I can do about this. He works so hard all day, has long hours, and early starts.

It’s just one of those times when you really get reminded that being in the army isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle.

I guess I’ll just have to find some new ways to keep myself busy during my partners nap time, and maybe one day he will actually be able to stay awake for more than two hours in a row.


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