10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. I’m a Sagittarius.
    Even though I don’t seem to outwardly fit the active and adventurous criteria, I am a Saggie through and through, and I’m always seeking new things and mini adventures because I get restless if I sit still for too long!
  2. I’ve never been camping. 
    Despite what photographic evidence of nappie-clad one year old me siting in a camp chair may suggest, I have never been camping, despite my best intentions. And that picture was taken in a caravan park!
  3. I don’t like soda/fizzy drinks/pop/whatever you call it.
    I stopped drinking coloured soft drinks almost four years ago now, in an attempt to slowly be healthier, and eventually I just stopped drinking them all together. Whenever I try some now I just can’t stand the feeling of the bubbles!
  4. I take a jumper with me every time I go to the movies.
    I’m not usually that sensitive to the cold, but I absolutely freeze every time I go to the movies, and I can’t concentrate on what I’m watching unless I’m bundled up!
  5. I only drink soy milk, but I eat stuff with dairy in it.
    I think this is a left over habit from my vegan days, but I also like the taste of soy milk better, plus it gives me loads of nutrients that I need as a vegetarian.
  6. I never, ever, ever want to be a teacher. 
    Despite absolutely loving my job as a tutor, if anything this had confirmed my belief that I never want to be a teacher. It’s hard enough to teach one kid at a time, let alone a whole class full!
  7. I always end up looking after other people’s cats.
    Despite having had many cats as pets during my life, I have never actually gone out and gotten myself a cat. I usually end up with strays, other people’s cats while they go away, or inheret my partner’s pets when we move in together.
  8. I hate red onions. 
    I’m fine with all other types of onions, sometimes I even like them. But I just can’t stand the taste of red onions.
  9. One of my biggest fears is teeth.
    Just their existence grosses me out. The are bits of bone just sticking out in your mouth! Any horror movie that involves teeth in any way is immediately on my no-go list.
  10. I never wear thongs. 
    Thongs as in the shoes, for all you non  Australian readers. I’m not sure why this is the case, but I’ve just never worn them and probably never will.

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