I Have A Cold

Most of the time, I’m not really a person that gets sick.

If I do catch something, you  can guarantee that it came from my partner after it got spread around the whole army base, or I have really been pushing myself and my body has finally had enough.

This usually isn’t so bad. Having the sniffles one or two times a year is something I can deal with.

What I wasn’t expecting was to have a horrible, miserable cold, while I’m living in a tropical climate with 34 degree days.

Here in Darwin, the weather is pretty much the same as summer, and I’m not expecting that to change anytime soon. So already feeling hot and feverish is made worse by having to walk outside into air that is almost hotter than my body temperature.

The awful weather also means that the few things that usually make a sick person feel better, eg. soup, snuggling up in bed, hot tea, just make me feel hot and crabby.

I also have a majorly busy week coming up, so this is just horrible timing for me. Maybe my body could tell I was pre-stressing and took that as reason enough to strike me down.

Either way, I thought I would let you guys know, just so if I am missing from the blog for a few days you will know why, and in the mean time hopefully you can send me some good vibes so I can get better soon.


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