How I Spent My Easter Long Weekend

I started off my Easter long weekend with a quiet breakfast in the sunshine downstairs. My boyfriend was still sleeping for ages so I just took my time enjoying myself and having a relaxing start to what I knew would be a fun filled weekend!


When my boyfriend finally woke up we went to out to get coffee, but he surprised me by taking me to a beach we’d never been to before. It was beautiful and sunny, but we didn’t stay too long because we were both starting to get burnt!

Snapseed (1)

Then we headed over to our regular coffee spot, Jay’s Coffee Bar. We had our usual, two iced coffees, and then headed home to snuggle up on the couch and spend the rest of the day lazing around.

Snapseed (3)

Day two started with another iced coffee from Jay’s which we drank on the Nightcliff Jetty, before heading out for a little adventure together.

Snapseed (2)

My boyfriend had a few giftcards that he had gotten for his birthday, so we went into Vintage Cellars in the city and had a look around. After that we headed out to Frying Nemo to pick up some lunch, and then had a picnic in the Botanic Gardens which was nice, but was seriously hot!

Snapseed (4)

On Sunday we slept late and then grabbed another coffee – big surprise. We were also going to grab kebabs for lunch from Harry’s Mobile Kitchen, that has the best veggie kebab I have ever eaten in my whole life, but they were out of haloumi so we just came back later and had kebabs for dinner instead!


Monday was back to business as usual for me. Uni work and tutoring started again. My boyfriend got to spend an extra day playing video games and sleeping in while I worked, but now we are both back to our routines and waiting out for the next long weekend.



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