Happy Easter Tag!

1. Do you celebrate Easter?
Yes I do! But in a very non-religious, chocolate-focused way.

2. What is your favorite thing about Easter?
I love that my partner gets time off work, and we are able to eat more than we should and spend extra time together.

3. What are your plans for Easter this year?
We all but completely forgot about Easter this year, so our plans are just watching movies together tonight and then having a lazy day tomorrow.

4. Do you color eggs?
I think I maybe did this once when I was little, but I don’t remember doing it again. Maybe it was just my family, or maybe it’s an Australian thing, but I don’t really know anyone who does this.

5. How old were you when you stopped hunting eggs?
Probably around ten. The only egg hunts I used to do happened when my mum would take us to church, but we stopped going before I started high school.

6. Favorite Easter treat?
I have recently discovered that Cherry Ripe eggs don’t have any gelatine in them! Before I was a vegetarian Cherry Ripes were one of my favourite chocolate-y treats, and for the longest time I thought that any egg shaped versions of them were off limits too, but it turns out that they are completely vegetarian and are my new favourite sweet treat!

7. Best Easter memory?
I remember one Easter I spent at my grandparents house, and we woke up to a little stuffed toy and a few Easter eggs, but I was absolutely convinced that I had seen the Easter bunny leave them there for us during the night.

8. Do you get pictures with the Easter bunny?
Again this might have been something that happened when I was really young, but I don’t have any memories of this at all.

9. What do you typically put in Easter baskets?
If I was going to make up an Easter basket for someone I’d probably include a few bits of organic chocolate as well as some fun Easter themed craft projects and some fresh flowers.

10. What does the Easter Bunny typically leave your kids?
I don’t have any kids, but maybe I’ll come back and answer this question in a few years!


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