Storytime: Sarah and the Day From Hell

Gather round everyone, because I’d like to tell you a story about my day today. A story about the worst day ever.

It all began when I woke early to go to a doctors appointment to find that what was previously a sore ear had now become swollen, incredibly painful, and seriously infected. Great stuff.

However, being the strong and determined person that I am, I got up, got dressed, and drove to the doctors. And so began the nightmare of mid-morning parking.

As I scraped the bottom of my car going up the ridiculously steep entrance to the first carpark, and over the unnecessarily high speed bumps, I saw that this car park was woefully full, but I held out hope that there might be a single empty car park way up the back somewhere. But boy was I wrong.

The only empty space was a disabled parking spot, which I had to momentarily commandeer to turn around because a huge truck was blocking one end of the car park so I couldn’t just do a lap and drive out.

Once I had scraped my car over the speed bumps and out the driveway again, I tried my luck at the car park next door.

After another good scrape up a steep driveway I saw a free spot just inside the car park, which meant I was at a terrible angle and had to do about ten corrections before I was even close to being inside the parking spot.

Just when I had finally gotten the car straight, and thought my ordeal might be over, I heard the telltale scrape of the front of my car going over the kerb. After a big groan I reversed and went for take two of parking, when I heard that wonderful scrape again.

Even though at this point it wasn’t even 11 in the morning, I was already over that day and just wanted to go home and back to bed.

Once I had wrangled my car into a passable position, I went to the doctor to get diagnosed with an ear infection, which was followed by a half hour wait in the pharmacy and $40 spent on antibiotics.

By this time I was well and truly ready to head home, but as I reversed my car out of the parking spot I heard this horrible screeching noise.

Hoping that this was just the dodgy brakes acting up, I kept driving through the car park until I realized I was getting a lot of funny looks.

I pulled over in front of what I thought was a fence and got out to investigate, but before I could have a proper look, I realized that the fence was just an automatic gate and there was someone waiting in their car to get into their house.

So back in the car I got, and moved out of the way and into the nearest parking spot.

When I got out to inspect, I could tell something was seriously wrong because there was a huge piece of plastic bent against the ground underneath the car.

I had no idea what I was doing, so I called my partner (who thankfully the answered on the second try) and he tried to talk me through fixing it. It wasn’t making much sense and it was hard to investigate with one hand so I put him on speaker and got down on the dirty ground of the car park and stuck my head under the car to pull the piece of plastic back into place.

The drive home was uneventful, but I was left to suffer with my aching ear and wait for a whole house full of DHA tradies to invade my house about an hour later.

Not to complain about those people who fixed some things that seriously needed to be repaired, but I felt so horrible and all I wanted was for them to leave so I could take a nap.

By the time they left (and a million bugs had entered the house through all the doors and windows left open) I had to work for three hours while it felt like half my face was on fire.

After work my partner and I had a few drinks at a friends house, where I got a bug stuck in my hair, and then we left too late and the burger place we were planning to get dinner from was closed.

At this point I was ready to call it quits and just go to bed and make the day end, but my partner and I raced to the supermarket to buy sweet potato fries and chocolate milk and we ate in front of the tv before I finally and thankfully went to bed.


Thanks so much for reading! Have you had a nightmare day like this? What happened to you? How did you get through it? Let me know down below!


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