Thankfulness Thursday!

As you probably know, the past few months of my life have been pretty trash and I’ve really been struggling to be happy and stay positive.

In an effort to appreciate the things that are going well in my life I’ve started writing in a thankfulness journal, where I record three things that I am grateful for each day.

To spread the positivity even more I though I would share with you some highlights of the things I have been thankful for this week!

  • being able to borrow my partner’s fuzzy socks


  • series two of How to Get Away With Murder arriving on Netflix


  • my cat being extra snuggly and wanting constant attention because of the storms here


  • rediscovering a favourite lipstick


  • buying new plants and putting little seedling all around my house


  • ordering some really cool motivational stickers from a Melbourne artist


  • being able to comfortably wear jumpers for the first time all autumn


If you loved this post let me know down below! And don’t forget to share something that you were thankful for this week!


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