Army Wife Lessons: Learning the Lingo

Last week my partner and I had drinks with a couple of people from his work once I had finished work for the day.

It wasn’t anything fancy – just a few beers in someone’s backyard, but I was really grateful to just be out of the house and socializing.

Before my partner and I left the house I did my make up, put on a new skirt that I was excited to wear, and generally just got myself into a hanging out with people mood.

But what I was not prepared for was the amount of army lingo that would go over my head.

In all the time that my partner and I have been together I think I have done pretty well at learning what is essentially a whole other language. I know what jack rations are, I can understand when people talk about ARH, RAMS, 96ers, EKO. I know the difference between polys, PDs, and cams.

When he talks to me about work I usually have a pretty good idea about what he’s on about, and if not I usually ask what he means (unless I’m tired, in which case I just smile and nod).

But it turns out that all the stuff I know is just a drop in the ocean.

As we sat around drinking beer and just chatting about one in three words were an abbreviation that I had never heard before and had no hope in deciphering.

I didn’t mind too much, because I could tell that my partner was happy and having fun talking about all the crazy stuff that goes on at work.

I just hope that by the next work gathering I’ll have learnt a little bit more of the lingo.


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