Book Club Number Two

In my continuing endeavor to find myself some friends up here in Darwin, I have found myself another book club to go to.

While this might seem like social (and literary) overload to some people, I consider this part of my duty as a 20 year old woman who does not want to spend the rest of her life only hanging out with her boyfriend and the cat.

I had a good feeling about this book club before I even got dressed to go, and I think even my partner could pick up on this mild confidence by my lack of crying in the car beforehand.

I think it helped that I had just finished three hours of work and was racing to get ready and head out so I didn’t have time to sit and stress over how terrifying it was to go into the city to a place I’d never been and sit down with a bunch of strangers and talk and eat and drink as if we knew each other.

The book club was held at a tapas bar, which I thought would be great to get me socially lubricated and less nervous, but I had only been on my new anti-depressants for a few days, and if you haven’t drank while on anti-depressants, just imagine the first time you ever got drunk and you will know how it feels after just a few glasses. I really didn’t want to experience my first double whammy cocktail of alcohol and anti-depressants with a bunch of new people watching me, so I stuck to my water and hoped that my winning personality would get me by.

Maybe it was because I knew almost all of the books that other people were talking about, maybe it was my newfound confidence/desperate need to talk to another adult human being, maybe it was sitting next to someone I knew from the other book club, maybe it was fate. But I actually had fun.

I spent two hours talking and laughing and navigating awkward pauses with some seriously great people. We talked about books and husbands and humidity and careers. It made me feel like I might actually find some friends. Like I could start to settle in Darwin, in every aspect of my life.

Unlike the other book club which feels overwhelming for some reason – maybe due to numbers, maybe because of the seriously intellectual books we read – I am actually looking forward to the next book club meeting, instead of knowing that I will have to force myself to put on my big girl pants and socialize when the next month’s meet up rolls around.

I really hope that my next book club experience will be as good as this one, but until then, I will just have to cross my fingers and keep on reading.


Do you have a book club story to tell? What are you reading at the moment? Let me know in the comments below!


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