21 Things I Love About My Boyfriend

As you might have guessed from the picture and title of this post, today is my partner’s 21st birthday! I am very excited about it, and I have some big plans for us when he finishes work (but I can’t tell you yet because he reads my blog), and he even seems a little bit excited too.

I wanted to take a few minutes to write down 21 things I love about my partner, so he can know how much I love him, and you guys can get to know us a little bit better too!

  1. He pushes me to do new things, even when they’re hard and even when I cry and drag my feet.
  2. He always encourages me to pat dogs that we see.
  3. He will do my favors if I whinge enough.
  4. He talks to me in his sleep (even if it doesn’t always make sense).
  5. He holds my hand when we’re out together.
  6. My caffeine tolerance has doubled since we’ve been together because of all the coffee we drink.
  7. He helps me decide between lipstick colours when I get ready in the morning.
  8. We support each other when we want to eat fast food for dinner.
  9. He is the most beautiful human being I have ever laid eyes on.
  10. He is such a good pet-parent to our cat.
  11. He makes terrible jokes to try and make me laugh.
  12. He always kisses me better if I get hurt.
  13. He lets me borrow his clothes all the time.
  14. He makes me tea if I feel sick.
  15. We share our snacks with each other.
  16. I love the way he dresses.
  17. He tucks me in when I go to bed first.
  18. We have lots of special places that we like to go together.
  19. He picks me up when I ask him too because it makes me happy.
  20. He buys me fancy presents because he thinks I deserve it.
  21. He snuggles me when we’re sleeping.

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