Mental Health Mondays: I’m Always Tired

When I tell my partner that I’m tired, every time his response is ‘You’re always tired’. No exceptions.

This isn’t the most supportive thing he could say to me, but he’s kind of right.

Most days I wake up tired, and if by some miracle I manage to have some energy in the morning, by mid-afternoon I am so exhausted that I know I won’t be accomplishing anything significant for the rest of the day.

For me this results in a lot of time spent horizontally, just resting –which is a word that makes me feel both old and guilty – and trying to bring my energy levels back up to a place where I don’t feel like a complete zombie.

When I talk about being tired, I don’t just mean feeling like I could use an extra hour of sleep or needing an extra coffee to pick myself up. I’m talking about bone crushing, dead weight, shuffling around your house willing yourself to move when even the simplest task takes ten times as much energy as it should kind of tired.

It’s not just being tired. It’s being sleepy, exhausted, fatigued, run down, and depleted – all at once.

For me there are a few reasons that I feel tired all the time. The most obvious of these is that I have depression, which is something that majorly messes with your sleep patterns and energy levels. On top of that, the type of anti-depressant I’m on has some top notch side effects, including insomnia, lethargy, and exhaustion.

So if I wasn’t feeling bad already, the stuff that is supposed to make me feel better is also making me feel worse.

The hardest thing about being tired all the time is that the world goes on, so I have to too. My uni assignments need to get done, I have to go to work, my partner needs clean clothes, and the cat is meowing at me to buy him some food.

And as much as I would like it to, being tired doesn’t excuse me from any of that. I have to pick myself up off the couch, chug a cup of coffee, and promise myself that I can take a nap just as soon as I’ve done the dishes.


Do you have feelings of exhaustion like me? Or are you just a sleep person? Let me know how this impacts on your life in the comments below! 


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