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He’s Always Asleep!: An Army Wife Struggle

As I write this post, my partner is asleep. He's only been home from work for about an hour but he's already passed out on the couch. I'm not predicting an awakening any time soon. We do have plans to go to the movies at 9, but for him that means waking up at 8:55.… Continue reading He’s Always Asleep!: An Army Wife Struggle

Thankfulness Thursday!

If you follow my blog closely, you'll notice that this post is coming to you a little bit later than usual. This has been a really hectic week, but I'm so glad I can take ten minutes out of my day to share some great things with you. So here are seven things I was… Continue reading Thankfulness Thursday!

10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

I'm a Sagittarius. Even though I don't seem to outwardly fit the active and adventurous criteria, I am a Saggie through and through, and I'm always seeking new things and mini adventures because I get restless if I sit still for too long! I've never been camping.  Despite what photographic evidence of nappie-clad one year… Continue reading 10 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Feeling Overwhelmed and Late Night Thoughts

As I've mentioned in my past few posts, I have a lot on my plate right now. Not only do I have this annoying cold, but I've taken on more work, am trying to work on things in my personal life, and have a huge uni assignment due on Friday. I've been trying really hard… Continue reading Feeling Overwhelmed and Late Night Thoughts

Mental Health Mondays: Why I Take Anti Depressants

The first time anti-depressants were suggested to me by my doctor I was in year twelve, and had been dragged to the doctor by my mum who thought something was up with me, no matter how much I rolled my eyes and insisted I was fine. My family doctor handed my a K10 test and… Continue reading Mental Health Mondays: Why I Take Anti Depressants

I Have A Cold

Most of the time, I'm not really a person that gets sick. If I do catch something, you  can guarantee that it came from my partner after it got spread around the whole army base, or I have really been pushing myself and my body has finally had enough. This usually isn't so bad. Having… Continue reading I Have A Cold

Thankfulness Thursday!

Hey there! Welcome to another Thankfulness Thursday. In this post I am just going to share seven highlights from my past week of thankfulness journalling. Hope you enjoy! my partner and I treating ourselves to pizza for dinner was taken for a surprise visit to a new beach by my boyfriend enjoyed a pretty picnic… Continue reading Thankfulness Thursday!

How I Spent My Easter Long Weekend

I started off my Easter long weekend with a quiet breakfast in the sunshine downstairs. My boyfriend was still sleeping for ages so I just took my time enjoying myself and having a relaxing start to what I knew would be a fun filled weekend! When my boyfriend finally woke up we went to out… Continue reading How I Spent My Easter Long Weekend

Mental Health Mondays: It Actually Does Get Better!

A  few days ago I experienced a step forward in my mental health. But it wasn't a huge moment of realization. It wasn't me suddenly being cured. It wasn't me finally winning the fight against my depression. It was just me and the cat sitting on the couch while my partner made himself some food,… Continue reading Mental Health Mondays: It Actually Does Get Better!

Happy Easter Tag!

1. Do you celebrate Easter? Yes I do! But in a very non-religious, chocolate-focused way. 2. What is your favorite thing about Easter? I love that my partner gets time off work, and we are able to eat more than we should and spend extra time together. 3. What are your plans for Easter this… Continue reading Happy Easter Tag!