The Mid-Week Slump

What is it about being an army wife that lets me put off everything else in my life with the excuse that I just have to do some washing, make his lunch, plan a get together with the boys, or do a million other non-essential things for my partner?

Aside from just feeling generally awful in the past few weeks, my productivity is has been seriously lacking, and the longer I leave it the more uni work and books to read and half written blog posts start piling up.

Needless to say, this does not help with my feelings of being overwhelmed.

Something that helps me feel like I’m not doing so badly at life is completely loads of easy, small, almost insignificant tasks.

I will do the washing up, make our bed, sort the magnets on the fridge, water the plants, change where we store the cat food, organise the throw pillows, put my partners boots away, check the mail, and pay the bills, all before I even pick up a pen to start doing some actual work.

I think one of the reasons that this is easier for me is that none of these tasks require that much brain power. I can just put myself on auto-pilot and tick a bunch of things off my to do list. There’s no need to sit down and really concentrate, or push myself to work really hard when I’m not feeling my best.

Although my house has never been more organised, this definitely isn’t a sustainable habit. I have so much work to get done and so many things to write, and even if every single item in my house has been rigorously cleaned, my work still won’t be any closer to getting done.

I am slowly completely the harder things on my to do list though, because here I am publishing a blog post for you all. But I think I should head off now, before I spend too much time editing and forget that I have a uni assignment due on Friday.


Do you have any tips for beating a mid-week slump that has lasted way longer than just one day? How do you deal with it? Let me know in the comments below!



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