A Simple Friday Update

The past few weeks of my life have really been sucking. I don’t want to get into it right now and bum you all out on a Friday afternoon, so instead I’m going to give you a quick pre-weekend update about what I’ve been up to lately.

As I write this post I am sitting down eating left over mushrooms stir fry for lunch, after just rescuing the washing from a sudden onset downpour. I’ve been spending a lot of time today just relaxing and taking time for myself.

I had a lot of stuff come in the mail today, so it’s kind of been like my birthday with all the packages I’ve been opening! I took my time getting ready this morning and I put on my brand new (second-hand) pair of daisy printed overalls. The cat and I lazed around together and I watched a bunch of youtube videos. Not the most productive morning, but I definitely needed it.

I started my new antidepressant today. I haven’t felt any effects from it yet, but I am still feeling dizzy from coming off my old meds, though that will hopefully go away soon. I am feeling kind of nervous about starting something new – of the two anti-depressants I’ve been on before one was not so bad and one was a living nightmare – and there is just no way to know how this new medication will affect me. I will be doing a more indepth mental health update once I start seeing changes (good or bad), so you guys will have that to look forward to!

In the meantime I’ve been trying to focus on my all round health and happiness. This is something that’s been important to me for a while now but things like eating healthy and exercising everyday are things that you have to focus on every single day.

Tomorrow my partner has a twenty four hour shift at work, so I’ll have lots of time by myself to work on some new posts for the blog.

Well, I’ve finished my lunch now, and the sun has just come out, so I’m going to go enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! Let me know down below if there is anything else you want and update on, and make sure to tell me all about your Friday!


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